Pure Hypnoanalysis

I have decided to try some Pure Hypnoanalysis and like any keen writer have also turned it into a writing opportunity.  The Hynoanalysis is supposed to take 9-10 weeks, with positive outcomes being evident by week 5.  Therefore, I have contacted some magazines to ask if they would be interested in joining me on this journey.  I could provide a diary and reflection of the experience.  I feel that not only would some real-time writing about the experience help me to process it, but I I feel it would also be interesting for others to read and learn about.  Hypnotherapy gets quite a lot of press, but Pure Hypnoanalysis is very rarely mentioned.

I am quietly optimistic about trying Hypnoanalysis, but am open to it going either way (i.e. working or not working).  To me, this will also be a research experience, so I can’t lose from it either way!

I start on Friday, so watch this space for updates, or even better – keep an eye out in the magazines!


Categories: Counselling, Health, Psychology


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