Getting Back to Basics

This week I submitted a commissioned article on ‘e-health,’ the term used to describe all health care applications that use information communication technology – computers, telephones, ipads, etc.  I was pleased with the final piece, especially considering that it was for an audience I have never written for before.  In many ways, this challenge enhanced my writing and also my understanding of the topic.  In order to communicate information to a different kind of audience than one is used to, there is a need to approach the topic from a different perspective.

It also keeps you on your toes in terms of not becoming complacent with knowledge.  This article required me to really get back to the basics in order to communicate with the audience and this was a refreshing approach.  I am used to writing academic articles and I enjoyed writing more freely.  There is so much more structure and many more rules to academic writing.  This does mean that you have clear guidelines on how to create your final submission.  However, it can take away the opportunity to be creative and to really engage with the reader.

I am looking forward to more challenges as I expand my freelance career and hope to write for many different audiences on an array of fascinating topics.


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