Which Day to Pitch?

You have just come up with a great article idea, you have written it up, and you are ready to pitch.  Just as you are about to press ‘send’ to your chosen publication, you realise it is Friday.  Does this make a difference?  It does within the world of business marketing and is likely to in the world of freelance writing.  So, when is the best day to send your finely polished pitch?

Monday – this probably the worst day to send your pitch.  Editors are mourning the loss of their weekend and still need to ‘rev up’ for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – Now these are ideal.  Editors are midway through the week, focused, and engaged (even if they don’t always feel like it!).  Email campaigns are most frequently sent out on a Thursday.  This is when people are slowly winding down, looking forward to the fast approaching weekend, and are generally in a good mood that makes them more responsive.

Friday – another no go area.  Some people don’t work on a Friday and even if they do, they are likely to finish early (if not in body, then in mind!)

If there are any editors out there who could share their own thoughts on when they prefer to receive pitches, please let us writers in on the secret :0)


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3 replies

  1. Ah, but what if they don’t read the pitch as soon as it arrives?

  2. Hi Nicola,
    I like to send on a Friday or Saturday, so that they get to read it either Monday or Tusday. This works best for me, it’s when I’ve had more acceptances, or could be that the articles were what that particular editor was looking for.

  3. Good point, Patsy! I am starting to think perhaps there is no ‘magic day,’ especially after reading your comments, Susan. After all, it is the pitch that is important – does the subject line grab the attention of the editor?!

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