Who’s Who on the Editorial Team?

Now we know the lingo (see previous posts), who’s who on the magazine editorial team?

EDITOR AT LARGE:  Some are full-time staff members whilst others are freelancers who contribute regularly.

EDITOR/EDITOR-IN-CHIEF:  Has the final say on what goes in the publication.  Before any copy is assigned, it usually needs to be approved by the editor/editor-in-chief first.

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD:  Experts from various fields who provide advice and guidance to editors and publication staff (e.g. health or financial experts).

EXECUTIVE/DEPUTY EDITOR:  The right hand to the editor/editor-in-chief and the person who usually approves all assignments and editorial copy before print, before it goes to the editor/editor-in-chief for approval.

FEATURES EDITOR:  The editors of feature stories and often your ticket to getting into the magazine.

Who is best to pitch your ideas to will vary across magazines, but don’t assume it is always the editor-in-chief.  Indeed, the editor-in-chief is often too busy to take pitch ideas and your best bet might be to contact the features editor for your specific area (be that health, beauty, home, etc.).

Who do you usually pitch to?


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2 replies

  1. Not sure I understand what the editor at large does – is just another name for a writer?

  2. Sue, an example of an ‘editor at large’ is Jamie Oliver. He is listed on the masthead of his magazine as an editor at large because although he obviously has input into the magazine content, he isn’t in the office, so to speak – he is out and about.

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