Daydreaming the Unknown

I felt like getting creative, so here goes . . .

Daydreaming the Unknown

By Nicola Davies


Steam rises from the coffee.

I am lost in thought.

The world flashes by,

And only memories are caught.

A voice comes over the tanoy.

The voice of God, I think.

I strain to hear his words,

But among the noise they sink.

Trees appear and vanish.

The houses are a blur.

The sound of the track is calm.

My thoughts begin to stir.

Is this train a symbol of life?

And the way time moves so fast?

Is that distant hissing noise

The sound of the past?

Where will the train take me?

What does my life hold?

I sit back and drink my coffee

And wait for the unknown.

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5 replies

  1. That’s beautiful Nicola. I might copy you (hope you don’t mind!) and put one of my poems in my blog.

  2. Thank you Vanessa. Please do copy away – would love to read some of your work.

  3. A colleague of mine Mike Boxhall said “If you know what you are doing its because you have done it before. The greatest insight arises from not knowing!”

    Loved your poem Nicola x

  4. I like that quote, Fiona – it rings true.

    Thanks for popping by – great to have you here x

  5. A nice and cost-free community for reading & publishing poetry:

    I think the modesty and casual approach make ‘Daydreaming the Unknown’ a noteworthy reading, though that is, of course, just my subjective view. Thanks for sharing. Bye.

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