Tips for Finding Reliable Health Information on the Internet

The Internet offers us a wealth of information on health and well-being. However, a concern with e-health is its reliability.

Here are some general rules you can use when assessing the quality of health information available on the Internet:

  • Don’t rely on just one site – compare information between sites.

  • A reliable site will provide links to other relevant sites.

  • Find out who created the information by reading the ‘About Us’ section.

  • Check names, qualifications, and organisations supporting the site.

  • Look for a balance of information as all treatments have pros and cons, risks and benefits.

  • Be wary of information that favours one treatment.

  • Be cautious of miracle cures – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover as presentation doesn’t guarantee quality.

  • Information should be up to date, including dates of when the information was last revised.

  • Don’t rush – finding good, accurate health information can take time.

If you have any of your own advice to share, please feel free.


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