What is Postnatal Depression (PND)?

A small insight into postnatal depression, as provided by myself to Baby London.

What is Postnatal Depression (PND)?

Have you just given birth and are feeling depressed, irritable, tired, sleepless, isolated, or hopeless? These are all signs that you could be experiencing PND.  You might feel distant from your baby or resent your baby.  You might feel guilty that you don’t feel love towards your newborn. With PND, it is also common to fear harming your baby, although it is extremely rare that this occurs, especially if you seek help.

Did you know…?

·         About 1 in 10 women in the UK don’t realise they have PND.

·         PND is more likely if you have had mental health problems in the past or during pregnancy.

Contact: The Association for Post-Natal Illness: http://apni.org/; 0207 3860868.


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  1. I think there is a stigma attatched to P.N.D. Nicola, some women would feel that they’ve failed as a mother to admit to it. Great post highlighting a common problem that is often pushed under the carpet.

  2. I agree, Susan. Everyone has this notion of motherhood being the most wonderful time, which adds pressure to those mothers who are struggling post-pregnancy. I am sure many more women struggle with this than feel able to admit it.

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