Making of a Monster: Richard Ramirez

Pick Me Up magazine asked for my professional opinion on Richard Ramirez in their regular column ‘Making of a Monster.’  Out in the 8th March 2012 edition, I supplied the following psychological insight:

The chemicals that Richard’s mother inhaled during her pregnancy could explain, in part, some of the horrific actions of Richard Ramirez. Indeed, Mercedes’ (Richard’s mother) first two children were born with deformities. However, the evidence suggests that Richard’s actions were much more sinister and were in fact a choice of life in the service of Satan.

Richard was born healthy, allaying any fears that the chemicals would have the same impact on him as they did on his brothers. Even school friends have fond memories of Richard as a young child. Despite this, he did not have an easy childhood and went on to suffer from epileptic attacks that prevented him from playing football. This made Richard angry and, along with the anger felt towards the paedophile who abused his brothers, it is likely that the accumulation of rage at such a young age created the 12-year-old who, in his own words, was “interested in killing.”

There is no question that time spent with his cousin Michael and his violent father taught him how to release this rage and interest in killing, namely through a combination of violent rape and murder. There is also no question that Richard Ramirez has no remorse for the actions he took for Satan, who he claims was “a stabilising force in my life.”


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  1. Congratulations on your article, what a horrible man..

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