Safe Student Support: Avoiding Fraud

I provide a number of support services for students of different disciplines, and one of the biggest problems I have found that students face these days when seeking support is fraud.  Here is a checklist I have devised to help students avoid fraud when access student support services on the internet.

Legitimate Student Support Services Checklist:

  1. Spelling mistakes on the website – this is unprofessional and reflects the quality of the work the company will produce when working on your essay.

  2. Web presence – legitimate services have a web presence, which makes them accountable for the quality of their work. Being on the 1st page of Google is not an indication of reputation. Also take into consideration the professional look of a website.

  3. UK registration number – legitimate services will have a registration number. Ours is 07645553. Larger companies must also have VAT registration numbers; we are too small to have one.

  4. Information Commissioners Office (ICO) – legitimate services will be registered as data controllers with the ICO. Our registration number is Z2704411.

  5. UK telephone number – some companies will have a UK number that will then divert abroad; listen for if the ring tone changes. Always call, if only to check that someone answers.

  6. Be careful of big claims – e.g.1.5 Million satisfied customers; this would be a huge company and thus you would be able to verify this claim by checking the company account online.Also,claiming to be the ‘No. 1’ essay company means nothing.

  7. Always try and ensure your writer has native English – it is rare to find a native English speaker who can obtain a perfect command of the written word and thus it is almost unheard of that someone can reach this level when English is their second language.

  8. Payment via credit card is highly desirable – as you are then protected by the credit card company; PayPal offers very little protection. We don’t offer credit card as we are such a small company that it is not cost effective to have a terminal. This is why we offer payment via installments.

  9. Check the company address on Google maps – any reputable organization will be locatable. However, having a domain name does not mean you are dealing with a UK company. India, Pakistan and Ukraine are the known hotspots for fraudulent companies offering student services.


Fraud is understandably the most pressing concern of people seeking writing services. Therefore, almost all websites will offer you a promise of reliability and honesty.  However, if they are genuine then they can prove it by meeting all of the above criteria.

For more information visit my website, Safe Student Support at



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