Trainee Counsellor Learning Statement

My learning statement for Level 3 Counselling Studies:

What do I want from the course?

For me, the course is just as much a personal journey as it is a professional one.  I want the course to help me gain confidence and learn to accept myself and be comfortable with who I am. I hope that this will come from forming friendships, allowing myself to spend time with people and by sharing some of myself with them, and also from honing my communication skills.

What skills do I hope to achieve?

The skills I hope to achieve are primarily based on social relationships and social intelligence. I hope to improve my communication, both in terms of my verbal skills and my listening skills. I want to learn to be comfortable with silences and to use these silences in skills practice to provide the client with a safe place to be with their own thoughts.

What do I want/need from tutors?

I would like tutors to be patient with me as I work on my confidence. For example, I am very nervous about the presentation that we have to do because of my fears of being in front of the class.  I am determined to tackle my fears and prove to myself that I can do this, but some understanding and support from the tutors would be greatly appreciated.

What do I want/need from other members of the course?

I need members of the course to be respectful towards me, to not judge me, and, as with the tutors, to be patient with me during my journey.

What is my understanding of counselling?

My understanding of counselling is that it involves providing clients with three core conditions (i.e. empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard), so that they can reach self-actualisation and find their own solutions to their problems or grievances.

What personal qualities do I have which I think will be useful in counselling others?

I have always been a keen listener and I believe that counselling is very much about listening – to both verbal and non-verbal communication. I am fascinated by people and find people extremely interesting. Therefore, I naturally want to listen to other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I want to hear their story and also to see how their story evolves.

What might I find difficult about counselling others?

I might find it difficult to counsel people who I can relate to, as it is during such times that it will be difficult not to feel like I know what they are going through.  The fact is, although I might be able to empathise, I won’t know exactly what they are going through as we are all different, despite any shared experiences.

Why am I drawn towards becoming a counsellor?

I am drawn to counselling because of my own experiences of counselling and the benefits I have experienced from being provided with empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence. I want to provide these conditions to others; they are a gift that I feel many people never experience.

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3 replies

  1. Hi. I find your comments very interesting.. Where snouts are you studying? I am studying my degree course at the moment. Duncan

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  2. You have lots of qualities needed to be a good councellor Nicola, most of all, you care. The only danger would be that people may depend on you too much, so you need to know the boundaries of work and private time. Good luck with your talk. A smile always breaks the ice, and I think (this is only my opinion) that sometimes if you say from the start, I’m a bit nervous, but here we go…. I know that’s not professional, and you are, but at least you’re being honest, and it may make them smile back at you.

  3. Hi Duncan. I am at Bedford college. How about you? Is your degree in counselling, psychology or something else? Whatever the case may be, I hope it is going well.

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