Why Outsource Content to Professional Writers?

Why Outsource Content to Professional Writers?


Valuable Content Marketing Co-Author and Valuable Content Expert, Sonja Jefferson, once said, “Content is the new connection between your customers and your company.” Given how much digital marketing has changed in recent years, she isn’t wrong.


The use of content today is no longer limited to informing customers of a company’s history or dazzling them with unique product features. With so much content being created and published by the minute, it’s easy for brands to get buried and neglected. Companies need to make sure they design their content to be strategic and purposeful.



The demands of content strategy are real and urgent, but admittedly, they can’t simply be placed on top of any employee’s list of priorities. The landscape of online marketing is ever changing, and companies don’t always have the dedicated time or personnel to keep track of it. This is why many companies choose to outsource content, or a portion of it, to professional writers.


The Reluctance against Outsourcing


Many company executives would be quick to dismiss the idea of outsourcing because they might think writing content is easy and that any marketing team writer can get it done as a side project. Executives might also fear that bringing in outside writers could expose sensitive company information. Others might believe that outsiders are too detached from the industry and will be unable to comprehend the core content of the business.


However, skeptical executives should take note that some major brands and even Fortune 500 companies actually outsource a portion of their online content. Should they choose to remain skeptical and dependent on internally produced content, they might get left behind as competitors learn to adapt to the demands of digital media and reap the benefits of content outsourcing.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Content


One of the top benefits of hiring professional writers is that they can see things from an outsider’s eyes. They aren’t lost in the jargon of internal communications and can therefore write in a style that is light, easy, approachable and relatable for those outside of company.


Sometimes, it also takes an outsider’s eyes to provide a fresh and objective perspective that can identify any weaknesses or attractive qualities that internal employees who are “in too deep” might fail to see. This is a good way to evaluate if changes are necessary. It can also help establish the foundation for a corporate narrative.


Another reason is that these writers are, in fact, professionals. They have the skills that are needed to put effective and strategic content together. Sometimes internal writing staff are trained to do something else and aren’t equipped to put blogs, news type articles, or infographics together.

Professional write


rs will also know how to deliver the content effectively, as well as how to write exceptional sales copy or translate hard facts into heartfelt stories that readers can emotionally relate to. More importantly, professional writers already have an existing community of readers who can become potential followers for the company.


Lastly, outsourcing content can be cost-effective. Usually, companies don’t have an internal employee dedicated to creating quality content online. Executives might assume that publishing content once in a while keeps them relevant with customers. Content must be done with a mission. Without a dedicated person in charge of executing a proper content strategy, digital activity created by the company will only serve to bombard the reader.


The Importance of Content


Several companies allocate a portion of content creation to outside writers and the rest to internal staff writers. Whatever the mix a company is comfortable with, it can’t be denied that outsourcing the services of professional writers is necessary.


Customers now look for reliable and relevant information. Businesses can no longer afford to put off the creation of valuable content. Customers seek experience and engagement in their online interactions with brands. When people like what they read, they respond and share; and this becomes a form of word-of-mouth distribution.


When customers have questions, they look to the Internet for answers. Having the right content means having those answers and being at the right place and time so the customer can find them. Content is critical because it can speak to, and build loyalty among, customers. The key is creating strategic content, and outsourcing to the proper professional writers.



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