About Health Psychology Consultancy Ltd.

Health Psychology Consultancy

Welcome to my blog, Health Psychology Consultancy, which is named after my freelance writing and research business.

Here you will find thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ramblings of an individual with a love of learning and a passion for writing.

I also write on the writing process itself, sharing the ups and downs of a freelance writers journey.

Please make yourself at home and feel free to comment on any of my blogs.  Also, if you have any health psychology or research related questions, don’t hesitate to ask!



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2 replies

  1. Dear Trusted Writer:
    I know that David Berkowitz served overseas in Korea
    I believe he started taking drugs in the service. I assumed before that his experiences and drug use in the military heavily contributed to his psychosis. Is this correct?

    Phil Medes

  2. Hey! Amazing article. This information really helped me regarding health consultancy.

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